Aquael Smart Shrimp Tank 30 Litre


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Aquael Smart Shrimp Tank 30 Litre

PLEASE NOTE – THis is a glass Item and will not be shipped.  Local In Store Collection only from Ennis Branch.


The AQUAEL Company launches a new line of aquarium sets for shrimps – SHRIMP SET SMART. The sets are intended for keeping shrimps and small fish (including Siamese fighting fish), as well as for the cultivation of aquatic plants necessary for the well-being of aquarium inhabitants. Each set includes a fish tank, a cover glass, a protective sponge mat, a LEDDY SMART PLANT LED lamp, an internal PAT MINI filter, an automatic heater, and ACTI CRUSTABS shrimp feed. Black.

Dimensions – 29 x 29 x 25cm

Colour Trim – Clear Glass, Black Trim

Weight 30 kg
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