Hexafly Grubs 500g


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Hexafly grubs are the perfect protein-rich treat for wild birds, hedgehogs, turtles, reptiles and tropical fish. These oven dried black soldier fly grubs are naturally high in important vitamins and minerals. They contain no additives or preservatives and are suitable for all year round feeding. Best served by the handful scattered on the ground or in a dish. Store in a cool, dry place. Allow animals some time to get used to the new feed.


Nutritional Information: Protein 43%, Fat 30%, Fibre 8%, Ash 4.9%, Calcium 694mg/100g, Phosphorus 713mg/100g


Ingredients: 100% Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal (Hermetia illucens) sustainably farmed in Ireland.


Eco- Friendly, sustainably produced with 90% less GHG.

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