Vitakraft Kracker Multi Vitamin Treat For Hamsters 2 Pack


Vitakraft Kracker Multi Vitamin Treat For Hamsters Provide a tasty, nutritious snack for hamsters, plus our Vitakraft Hamster Kracker Multivitamin Recipe is made with only the finest quality ingredients, with valuable vitamins for good health.

A functional, healthy treat for your hamster, our Vitakraft Hamster Kracker comes in a convenient 2-pack, triple-baked onto natural wooden sticks for added with a practical clip holder suitable for mot cages. A sugar-free recipe, it has been specially developed for hamsters to provide key nutrition and help to prevent deficiencies in essential vitamins A, C and E. Each stick contains a tasty combination of grains, seeds, and honey, with no artificial flavours or added sugars.

  • Delicious, triple-baked treat sticks for hamsters
  • Made with only high quality ingredients including grains, seeds and honey
  • With key vitamins including Vitamin A, D3, E and C for good help and to help prevent deficiencies
  • Sugar-free recipe with no artificial flavours
  • Triple baked for a crunchy texture supporting dental health and wear
  • Set on untreated nibble wood, with practical clip holder for cage attachment
  • 2 sticks per pack

Feeding Instructions:

1 Kracker should be accessible to your pet hamster at all times. Feed alongside a pellet or muesli mix, fresh hay and vegetables and a continual supply of fresh water.


Cereals, Seeds, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin,, Minerals, Honey, Egg and Egg Derivatives.

Nutritional Additives per kg: 

Vitamin A 9300iu, Vitamin D3 660iu, Vitamin E 100mg, Vitamin C 500mg


Safety Notice: Always read serving instructions before use, as well as composition and safety/storage instructions. Not suitable for human consumption. Should you have any concerns regarding your pet’s health using this product please consult a veterinary surgeon immediately, or contact us for our assistance. While every care is taken to ensure product information is correct, products may be reformulated or packaged in alternative packaging, so ingredients, nutrition content, dietary and allergens may change, as well as physical packaging of the product compared to the image shown. You should always check and read the product label prior to use. As with all treats, be sure to adjust your pet’s daily feeding amounts to prevent overfeeding. Always ensure access to clean, fresh water.

Weight .2 kg
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