Peregrine Hatchling Snake Starter Kit


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PLEASE NOTE – These Set up’s are “Pre-Order” which means as soon as you order, we will order for you.  It usually takes about 6-10 working days for the Set up’s to arrive.  We will contact you as soon as it arrives.
  • For hatchling snakes
  • Everything you need for a temporary shelter
  • Great for transitioning to a vivarium
  • Suitable for most colubrids
  • Great ventilation

This kit contains everything need to keep a hatchling corn snake or similar species, including a top quality Microclimate thermostat to regulate the temperature.

This kit includes:

  • Tank
  • Heat Mat
  • Microclimate Thermostat
  • Snake Life Substrate
  • Hide
  • Thermometer
  • Water Bowl
  • Instructions
  • Care Sheet

Suitable for hatchling:

  • Corn Snakes
  • Kingsnakes
  • Milksnakes
  • Hognoses
  • African House Snakes
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