Expert Black Sunflower Seed 12.75kg


Wild Bird Black Sunflower Seed 12.75kg
Sourced generally from Europe and the UK this is high oil black sunflower, which has also been selected and correctly harvested to produce the maximum oil content. Black oil sunflower must not be harvested late, this produces a high acid content and must be fully matured or you just get empty husks. Johnston & Jeff’s black oil sunflower seeds are also screened and graded and then a little vegetable oil is added to give them extra shine so the birds can spot them more easily, plus they are absorbing nutrients even as they remove the husks to get at the seeds themselves. All critical for the long term health of birds, 12.75kg.
Please Note – These are a “Pre-order” product, but does not take long to arrive.  Max waiting time is 10-14 days.
Weight 12.75 kg

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