Expert Nyjer Seed 1kg


Wild Bird Nyjer Seed 1kg
– Easily Digestible
– Correctly Graded
– Oil and Protein rich
– Excellent for: Tits, Finches and Siskins.

Nyjer seed is a small, black seed native to Ethiopia which wild bird enthusiasts use to attract birds such as Goldfinches, Siskins & many more. The seed is rich in oil content and is highly nutritious. This will provide a healthy and well balanced diet to these wild birds. This seed will attract a range of wild birds to your garden.

Tip: Avoid placing too much Nyjer seed in the feeder or on your bird table as wet or soggy seed is often not used and will only need to be replaced. Store in a dry area and do not allow the Nyjer seed to go mouldy as this can spread disease.

Weight 1 kg

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