Zerofen Wormer 22% Granules


Zerofen Wormer 22% Granules

Zerofen 22% Granules contain fenbendazole 222mg/g, as a ready to administer oral anthelmintic for dogs and cats.


USES:  A broad spectrum anthelmintic for the treatment of domestic dogs and cats infected with immature and mature stages of nematodes of the gastro-intestinal and respiratory tracts. It also has an ovicidal effect on nematode eggs.


Dosage and Administration: For routine worming of adult dogs and cats administer 1g Zerofen 22% Granules per 2.2kg(5lbs) bodyweight as a single dose. The dose should be administered by mising into the feed. Assess bodyweight as accurately as possible before calculating the dosage.

This pack contains sufficient Zerofen 22% Granules to treat:

  • An animal of 35.2kg (80lbs) as a single dose.
  • A puppy / kitten of up to 23.5gkg (52lbs) for three days.
Weight .2 kg
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