Winter Pet Safety Tips For Happiness and Comfort.

In this post we want to talk about pet safety in winter and to do this, we’ve come up with our very own winter pet safety tips. We want to ensure that you know how to keep your pet safe and comfortable this winter. You may not realise it, but pets feel the cold just as we do, and it is important to keep this in mind and the winter weather takes hold.

When winter arrives here in Ireland we all reach for our big jackets, scarves, hats, and gloves. Our pets may have furry coats, but they can feel the change in temperature too. Understanding this and knowing how to keep your pet comfortable will keep them and you happy.

Winter Pet Safety – Pet Size

Pets feel the cold just as we do. Their furry coats can keep them warm up to a certain temperature but after this, it is up to you. Our pet experts always recommend that you bring your outdoor pets inside when temperatures drop below 6 degrees. There are a number of ways to determine how resilient your pet is to the cold. These include:

  • Body fat: Pets that have more body fat will be less affected by the cold.
  • Activity: The more active your pet is the less they will be affected by the cold.
  • Type of Coat: Pets that have thicker costs won’t feel as cold as those with less hair.
  • Size and Weight: Small pets are more susceptible to cold weather than larger pets.
  • Age: The older your pet is the more they will feel the cold.

One thing to keep in mind for winter pet safety is that if it’s too cold for you outside, then it probably too cold for your pet to stay outside. Be sure that you check your pet’s paws regularly during the winter too. You need to look for any cracks or sores and have them treated. Small animals such as rabbits or guinea pigs need to be kept indoors during winter as they do not tolerate the cold weather.

Winter Pet Safety – Comfort is Important

Keeping your pet comfortable in winter is important too and you need to look at their bedding. All pets require a comfortable bed. In our pet shop online, we stock a range of luxurious dog beds and cat beds. We also stock a large range of accessories to keep your pet happy and comfortable during the winter months too.

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